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Academy Bound Available Now!

Academy Bound by J.C. Mastro

Sixteen-year-old Zach Aurelian has held the same dream since he was eight years old—to attend the Earth Alliance Fleet Academy and train to become a command officer like his mother, who went missing in the system-wide civil war that fractured the Alliance. He believes in his soul that she’s still alive, and is determined to reach the stars to find her, no matter the challenge. Zach soon learns that not only will he face down his anxiety disorder and the rigors of the Academy, but the ghosts of his mother’s past who would stand in his way.

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A Sojourn Quest – Now on Kindle Vella

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Dragons of a Different Tail: 17 Unusual Dragon Tales

Available now!

Find it in print or your favorite ebook format at: http://www.books2read.com/dragonstail

Dragons of a Different Tail: 17 Unusual Dragon Tales

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