Kindle Vella Release: A Sojourn Quest

Exciting news to share! I’ve just released the first three episodes of a new Kindle Vella Series called A Sojourn Quest: A Choose Your Companion Adventure. I’m thrilled to be writing something new, and it being a writing/reading experiment, too! More on that after the description:

Four teens are awoken from stasis by the ship’s AI after a comet collision sends their lifeboat hurtling toward an unknown world. AJ Markus must lead them on a journey through fantastic lands to find a rare element to power the ship. But two must stay behind for repairs, and two must brave the quest. Who will AJ choose? You must decide! In this Choose Your Companion series, decide which companion will accompany AJ and follow one of three unique storylines in the same adventure. Or read them all!

So what is a Choose Your Companion Adventure, you ask? Similar to the classic Choose Your Own Adventure genre, in this story readers will have the choice of three unique storylines to read based on which companion character they decide AJ should take along. It’s the same overall quest with the same goals, but a unique journey and scenarios based on the character’s strengths and skills. I think it’ll be fun!

It isn’t something I’ve seen on Vella yet, so the optimistic side of me hopes it will be well received and even take off. But no matter what, I’m just happy to be writing a blended scifi fantasy for upper middle grade and YA audiences.

Give it a read at this link! The first three episodes are free to read for this and all Vella stories, and please hit that thumbs up button, follow the story, and share what you think in a review!

A Sojourn Quest on Kindle Vella

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