Academy Bound is Finally Here

I’m so excited to announce the official release of my young adult science fiction novel, Academy Bound! This book has been a labor of love for nearly four years starting back as a short story in my undergrad program, through being my thesis novel for my MFA, and over a year of shopping it around and final–quite massive–revisions. Then, facing a months long delay for a cover image where I ultimately had to find another artist. But man, it turned out great, didn’t it?

The book is finally here. Today I’ll hold the first copy in my hand, which is a treat beyond words and a moment full of ridiculous happy dances. I cannot wait!

The story is about a young man chasing his dream to serve in the Earth Alliance Fleet and to find answers to what really happened to his missing mother. Academy training is rigorous, from fighter pilot simulators, zero-g, leadership and command courses, and physical training. Zach makes valuable friends, faces down bullies, and pushes through his anxiety to succeed and thwart the efforts of the spiteful Commandant Trask who would see him washed out. Oh, and there’s a fun new zero-g sport called Hoverball and a harrowing climax that changes everything Zach knows and believes. Just throwing that out there.

You can get the book in paperback and ebook on, or at Barnes and Noble with wide distribution coming any day now. Please consider leaving a rating and review wherever you purchased, as every single one matters so much to help us authors bring you fun reading entertainment. And please sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date on what I’m doing next. Thank you all for your support, and I hope you enjoy Academy Bound!

Now I’m off to write the sequel 😉

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